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United Citizens of Hawkins County Endorse Mike Herrell for D7 Commissioner

Updated: May 8

An important date is quickly approaching — Primary Election day (March 5) , when the Commissioner for District 7 will be elected. With Primary Election Day being only six weeks away (and with early voting running Feb. 14-27), we are making the following announcement:

United Citizens of Hawkins County is happy to announce our official endorsement of Mike Herrell for District 7 Commissioner.

It is vital that a community votes for those who accurately represent their values, and we believe that a vote for Mike is doing just that. Mike is a proven advocate for constitutional liberties, fiscal conservatism, and listening to the citizenry.

He has a great track record during his eight years previously spent on our county Commission, where he was Commission Chairman, as well as the Chairman of the Budget, Solid Waste, and Public Safety committees. His experience on these many committees allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of how local government works, and how he can [again] best utilize his position as Commissioner to serve our community effectively.

During Mike’s Town Hall event on Jan. 9 (hosted by United Citizens of Hawkins County), he fielded many questions from the community, and he repeatedly stated his intentions to remain committed to transparency, accountability, and continuing to have an Open Door policy.

The point that he most adamantly shared with everyone was that he wants the citizens of Hawkins County to “have a seat at the table” — Mike understands that it should be “government by the people”, and not any other way! UCHC could not agree more, and we are proud to support Mike in his pursuit to be our next District 7 Commissioner. We believe that Mike’s unique perspective and eight years of previous experience on the Commission will bring a balance to the current Commission, and will help guide them in better serving and representing our county.

We looked at the facts and checked his track record. What we found was a history of Mike taking stands for responsible spending, defending taxpayers, and listening to the community. This established a lot of credibility with us, and made us confident in declaring our support for him.

One great example of Mike’s defense of taxpayer money is when he submitted a Resolution to implement a 65% pay cut for Commissioners, in an effort to help balance the county budget in 2017. This Resolution would have reduced the taxpayer costs of monthly Commission meetings from $25,200 per year to $8,820… which demonstrated selflessness and a strong desire to act in the best interests of the Hawkins County taxpayers.

Other examples of Mike putting his community first are:

• When he led the charge against the “temporary” Wheel Tax

• When he introduced a Resolution to help the seniors of Hawkins County by requesting that citizens 70 years and older be exempt from the $40 increase in the county Wheel Tax

• When he proposed to freeze property tax rates for Veterans and Seniors in Hawkins County References to all of these Resolutions are listed on Mike’s campaign website, here:

United Citizens of Hawkins County appreciates Mike’s history of thoughtful leadership, and we are confident that Mike is genuinely committed to supporting a free and prosperous Hawkins County. Please join us in voting for Mike Herrell for District 7 Commissioner — let’s restore balance to Hawkins County spending.


United Citizens of Hawkins County

Published in The Rogersville Review - Jan 28, 2024

United Citizens of Hawkins County advocates for individual liberty, limited government, and empowering citizens to actively participate in preserving a Constitutional, free, and prosperous society. They can be reached at

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