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Alina Gorlova for District 7 Board of Education

Why did you decide to run for this office?

As a parent and former teacher, I understand the needs of children and the challenges faced by schools.

I decided to run for school board because I want to use my knowledge and experience to give back to my community and help make the school experience great for every child.

Share your education and employment background, and list any previous political offices you’ve held.

I have a master’s degree in education and worked as a public school teacher for 6 years. I have never held any political office and this is the first time for me running for public office.

If you are elected what would be your top goals, and what would you like to accomplish by the end of your first term of office?

From my own experience as a parent with a child in a public school, I saw that often there is a lack of connection and communication between the school system and the parents or the larger community. I believe communication is key to understanding what is truly important to the families in the community and what the struggles parents and children may have in the educational experience.

Therefore, communication is crucial to improving any shortcomings that may be present in the system. For this reason, my top priority will be to set up a channel of communication with my constituents, which will ensure that I am a true representative of the voters in my community, not just another elected official who is disconnected from the people.

Why are you the best, and most qualified candidate for this office?

Given my education, practical knowledge of the public school system, and experience as a teacher, I believe I am highly qualified to represent my community on the school board. As a parent of two school-age children myself, I understand what environment is needed for kids to thrive in a school setting, and I am passionate about making the school experience wonderful for every child.

Speak directly to the voters and tell them why they should vote for you.

I will always listen and be responsive to the parents and families of our community because I strongly believe in parental rights in education. I will never support any harmful initiatives, such as making children wear useless masks all day to the detriment of their health and development.

I will always oppose bringing ideology-based agenda, such as CRT or critical gender theory into our schools. I believe schools must focus on making students successful in reading, writing, math and other subjects.

Knowledge of academic subjects and vocational training programs provide our kids with more college or employment opportunities after graduation, ideology does not. As а responsible citizen and a Christian, I will always stand against harmful and not age-appropriate instruction in our schools.

This interview between Editor/Jeff Bobo and Alina Gorlova was published in The Rogersville Review - Jul 22, 2022

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