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Don’t Think About It, Just Do It?

Updated: May 8

The Rogersville Review recently published an article titled “Flu season starting late but expected to increase for the holidays” by Craig Boerner, a reporter for Vanderbilt University Medical Center (UVMC).

The article provided many non-cited marketing messages about flu vaccination and concluded with the following quote from Dr. William Schaffner: “If you’re older than 6 months, you should get your vaccine every year,” Schaffner said. “Don’t think about it, just do it.”

Don’t think about it? Just do it? Dr. Schaffner is telling the public to not do their medical due diligence? Not think critically, not read the current science on medical products, not examine alternatives? Not be fully informed before making a decision?

It appears that Dr. Schaffner is unaware that public trust in the expert “white coat” all but vanished in recent years because of such “trust me” recommendations for experimental COVID shots that failed to prevent infection, transmission, hospitalization, or death¹.

The shots instead have been shown to increase risk of infection², come with unacceptable risk of injury³, and mechanisms of long-term health harms are still being discovered⁴. Yet UVMC, Dr. Schaffner, and the TN Department of Health are still pushing them, along with flu vaccines that studies show offer far more risk than any potential benefit⁵.

Why? To me it reveals the systemic capture of our health system by Big Pharma. Everything is geared to protect vaccination, not patients.

In his mid-eighties, Dr. Schaffner is considered an infectious disease expert. His Curriculum Vitae⁶ is 54 pages long and shows he has worked for all major vaccine players, including Merck, Pfizer, the CDC, even the NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

It’s ironic that the same agency that focuses on allergy also heavily funds vaccines to target infectious disease. They seem blind to the inconvenient scientific fact known to all vaccinologists that vaccines can and do cause allergies⁷.

The lack of guidance from infectious disease “experts” on the very foundations of immune system health and resilience is infuriating. Why aren’t Public Health agencies educating the public on Vitamin D? Iodine? The mountains of data on those two essential nutrients alone reveal that we should not fear the flu or COVID or RSV. Consider this:

From The Harvard Gazette⁸:

“A recent study by a global team of researchers has found that Vitamin D supplements, already widely prescribed for a variety of ailments, are effective in preventing respiratory diseases.”

From UConn Today⁹:

“Faculty from UConn Health have proven that a simple method of rinsing with a diluted version of over-the-counter Povidone-Iodine (PVP-I) oral rinse can kill viruses like the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus and prevent transmission in as little as 15 seconds.”

If health truly is the goal of Public Health and university medical centers, they would be promoting nutrient supplementation and gargling, encouraging us to see a healthcare provider for individual guidance. Their silence on the inexpensive, necessary, and non-patented (not highly profitable) foundations of health is telling.

It has never been more important for each of us to do our medical due diligence. We must all take the time to read deeply, think critically, and make fully informed decisions for ourselves and our families.

Bernadette Pajer

Published in The Rogersville Review - Nov 23, 2023

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