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Meeting in Rogersville on Digital Money vs Precious Metals Misrepresented

On Saturday, February 4th, the Grassroots Patriots of Hawkins County held an informational event at the American Legion post in Rogersville about legislation concerning central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The Rogersville Review (TRR) ran an article by a new reporter on February 7th (digital edition) about the event that contained some concerning errors, and we appreciate that editor Jeff Bobo offered us the opportunity to provide corrections.

The Grassroots Patriots is an informal group of local citizens who understand that we all need to participate actively in local government and the community to achieve and maintain a free and just society.

We’re not “right wing”, we’re your neighbors. It’s true we’re patriotic, conservative, hold traditional values, and believe in God-given rights enshrined in the U.S. and Tennessee Constitutions. Recent polls show most Tennesseans—and Americans—believe likewise. Our informal group is open to folks of all colors and creeds who, like us, hope to preserve the traditional values and culture that make Hawkins County such a great place to live and raise families.

Several statements in quote marks in the TRR article were inaccurate enough to change meaning or connotation. I am not the head of the group, and the group doesn’t have a formal structure. Jack Parker and Woody Boyd come the closest to being leaders since they often shoulder the work of keeping us all in contact with each other and help with organizing meetings. They also have life experience and education on important subjects that we highly value.

The guest speakers at our event were Senator Frank Niceley (Dist. 8) and Representative Bud Hulsey (Dist. 2). Both legislators are as wise as they are entertaining, and they have been watching the world, and our nation, move away from real cash currency and toward digital-only banking systems for years. They have grown increasingly concerned about what this means to citizens of free nations.

For example, a year ago in Canada, tens of thousands of truckers formed a massive but peaceful convoy to protest Covid lockdowns and mandates, and they were joined by over a million supporters along their route. Rather than meet with the protesters to discuss their concerns, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used “emergency powers” to direct banks and credit card companies to block the protesters from access to their own money and to block contributions from fundraising platforms.

If governments establish digital banking systems known as central bank digital currency (CBDC), then it will become even easier for them to block citizen’s access to their own funds. Or electronically confiscate their funds.

Contrary to what the TRR article stated, the U.S. dollar has not been backed by gold since 1971. The buying power of the dollar has fallen to only 13% of what it was in 1971 due to inflation engineered by the Federal Reserve; meanwhile, the value of gold has increased by a factor of nearly 100. The difference represents a stealth tax imposed on the American people. Even our coins, which used to be made of gold and silver, are now made of cheap base metals.

Several bills introduced in the state legislature this session by Niceley and Hulsey would pave the way to a return to honest money that cannot be created, or destroyed, by the push of a button on the Federal Reserve keyboard.

The TRR article also said it was our “opinion” that CBDC “will do away with cash and would mean government regulation of what citizens could or could not buy.” But this is not our opinion. It is the plan of the globalist “elites”, which has been documented in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, and many other respected sources.

Poor phrasing in the TRR article made it sound like Rep. Hulsey and Sen. Niceley are conspiracy theorists. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. CBDC is all too real, it’s established in eleven nations, under development in dozens of others, and being explored by a hundred more.

Rep. Hulsey did draw laughter when he jokingly said, “There’s an advantage to being a conspiracy theorist… it’s that I don’t have myocarditis.” It was dark humor that the attendees fully understood, and it tied back to the cardiac danger of the Covid shots and the danger of CBDC. Some of those Canadian truckers protesting mandates had lost loved ones to vaccine-induced myocarditis and cardiac arrest. In return for their standing up to stop mandates, the prime minister cut off access to their money.

The TRR article mistakenly referred to “ESG Benchmarks” as a company. ESG stands for progressive “environmental, social, and governance” concepts, and “benchmarks” refers to ESG targets. ESG scoring is currently being used to varying degrees in a number of countries and multinational corporations to define winners and losers. In a nutshell, the idea is that if you say the wrong things about certain topics, such as climate change or vaccine passports, your ESG rating will be low. This may influence whether banks will lend you money, employers will hire you, or you will be allowed to purchase a home, for example.

No, this is not conspiracy, it’s currently how things work in China. See this 2019 article “How China Is Using ‘Social Credit Scores’ to Reward and Punish Its Citizens” in Time magazine

The TRR article stated that “Right now, China, India, the Bahamas, and Nigeria are the only countries in the world who recognize a digital currency. Japan and Sweden are discussing the matters, though neither has fully implemented a system. Currently, the Federal Reserve is just looking into CBDC and has made no real attempts toward the new form of currency.”

That is inaccurate. Check out this website for the current status of CBDC globally.

And in the United States, we have President Biden’s own executive order 14067

In Section 4 Policy and Actions Related to United States Central Bank Digital Currencies, Biden states: ”My Administration places the highest urgency on research and development efforts into the potential design and deployment options of a United States CBDC.” And also, “My Administration sees merit in showcasing United States leadership and participation in international fora related to CBDCs and in multi country conversations and pilot projects involving CBDCs.”

As you can see, CBDC is supported and being moved forward by the highest office of this nation. We may not be able to stop it, but we can create a good old-fashioned alternative to it right here in the great state of Tennessee. The first steps include making gold and silver legal tender in Tennessee and making sure there’s a place for the state to deposit it. Senator Niceley and Representative Hulsey have filed several bills that do just that. I encourage you to read the bills, tell others about them, and voice your support to your legislators. If you want to learn more about this, and for links to the below bills, visit:

SB0150 / HB 1480 the “Tennessee Bullion Depository Act.”

SB0311 / HB 1481 makes gold and silver coinage legal tender; authorizes payment of taxes with gold and silver coinage; makes other changes concerning precious metals.

SB0519 / HB1479 allows the state treasurer to purchase and sell physical gold and precious metals.

Bernadette Pajer

Published in The Rogersville Review - Feb 19, 2023

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