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Niceley and Hulsey to Speak at Feb. 4 Grass Roots Patriots Event in Rogersville

Updated: May 8

Sen. Frank Niceley (District 8) and Rep. Bud Hulsey (District 2) will be speaking at the American Legion, 1924 East Main Street in Rogersville, TN on Saturday, Feb. 4, beginning at 2 p.m.

The Grass Roots Patriots and Community Self Reliance groups of Hawkins County are sponsoring the event.

The event is being held to educate citizens on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a digital form of “fiat” currency issued by a nation’s central bank.

The term “fiat” means the currency is not backed by a physical commodity, like silver or gold, but solely by promises by issuing government. According to the, 114 countries are exploring CBDCs, 11 countries have “fully launched” CBDC systems, and all of the G7 economies (including the USA) have CBDCs in development.

Opponents to CBDCs note their many dangers and vulnerabilities, including the ability for governments to monitor and control every financial transaction of citizens. Coupled with a “social credit” scoring system like that in place in China and promoted by globalists, CBDCs could be used to strip citizens of their rights.

Sen. Niceley and Rep. Hulsey are currently sponsoring bills that could help protect Tennesseans if the US government adopts a CBDC, by ultimately establishing state-level monetary instruments based on real commodities like silver and gold that can be traded and banked the old-fashioned way.

This event is open to all who are interested in learning more. Grassroots support of the bills sponsored by Sen. Niceley and Rep. Hulsey will help ensure their passage.

Whether or not you are able to come to this meeting, please educate yourself on this very important issue and make your voice heard by your representatives in both houses of the Tennessee legislature.

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Jack Parker

Published in The Rogersville Review - Jan 31, 2023

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