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Opinion: Grass Roots Patriots Support Mark DeWitte for Hawkins County Mayor

Updated: May 8

Grass Roots Patriots (GRP) is a nonpartisan group committed to the principles our country was founded upon, namely that all people have God-given rights to Life and Liberty, that the primary purpose of government is to protect those rights, and that the best government is that which governs least and is closest to the people.

These principles were enshrined in the Constitution of the United States, although it has been subverted over the years by corrupt executives, legislators, and judges. As a step towards returning to true constitutional governance, GRP supported passage in January of a Constitutional Sanctuary County Resolution by the Hawkins Board of Commissioners.

The resolution was sponsored and introduced by Commissioner Mark DeWitte and was passed by a unanimous vote, save one abstention. Two other commissioners had originally agreed to co-sponsor the resolution but withdrew their support until its popularity became evident.

From this encounter, Mark showed himself to be a man of principle and courage, who stands firm on his beliefs and does not change his position because the wind seems against him. In short, Mark has the mettle of a true leader. He is not a pandering politician.

On digging further into Mark’s background, we were pleased to find not only a leader and a man of principle, but one with a range of skills and experience that enable him to manage complex organizations in a way that considers many competing views and objectives with multiple constraints – financially, legally, and otherwise.

After earning a degree in communications from UT Knoxville, Mark worked for a number of companies in East Tennessee involving marketing, business development, information technology, client services, and software development and implementation before setting out on his own. He is now co-owner and operator of several local businesses that provide product marketing and printing services and computer software and hardware services.

Despite his busy professional life, Mark finds time to give back to the community by serving as the treasurer for Four Square, which funds People Loving People, the Rogersville Fourth of July Celebration, and other local activities. He has also served as an alderman for Rogersville and is currently a commissioner for Hawkins County.

In short, Mark is a hard-working, highly successful businessman with demonstrated skills in leadership, project planning, budget management, and an ability to work effectively with employees, clients, and people in general. He not only has a skill set ideally suited to serve as mayor, but a demonstrated commitment to serve the people of Hawkins County.

No other candidate has qualifications that rise to the level set by Mr. DeWitte. Grass Roots Patriots is pleased to give our unqualified support to Mark DeWitte for Mayor.

Jack Parker

Published in The Rogersville Review - Mar 23, 2022

Jack Parker and his wife Denise live and work on a farm in Poor Valley.

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