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Patriot Group Plans Kick-Off Meeting to Preserve American Values

Updated: May 8

A group of Hawkins County citizens, concerned by what they see as an accelerating authoritarian trend in government, has organized Grass Roots Patriots of Hawkins County, which will hold a kick-off meeting at 6:30 pm on Thursday, Aug. 26, in the Rogersville City Park.

The event is open to everyone.

According to the group spokesman Jack Parker of Poor Valley, he and a number of friends had grown concerned with increasingly blatant unconstitutional government actions over the last several years.

“COVID-19 served as a smokescreen for government officials to disregard our God-given rights to life and liberty codified in the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions,” Parker said. “First, it was two weeks to ‘flatten the curve,’ then months of closing ‘non-critical’ businesses and schools, mask mandates, and ‘social distancing’ – all of which were scientifically unwarranted. Vaccine passports are the next step. All on top of kids being brainwashed by critical race theory, anti-family ‘gender’ studies, etc.”

The group believes that the current social breakdown results from an expectation that government should solve all our problems. They further believe that the cure is personal responsibility and community self-reliance from the bottom up – with individuals, families, and communities working together.

After attending local meetings of the statewide group Tennessee Stands, which lobbies for constitutional government and supports legal action where necessary, Parker and friends decided to start Grass Roots Patriots of Hawkins County as an affiliate of Tennessee Stands to ensure that the county strictly follows the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions.

The group states that its basic tenants are:

• The principle that all people have God-given rights to Life and Liberty, which legitimate governments are obligated to uphold.

• Inalienable rights include freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, due process, impartial justice, and the right to bear arms—among others.

• A Federal government with limited responsibilities explicitly defined by the U.S. Constitution, with all others reserved to the states and ultimately the people.

• Government is best that governs least and is closest to the people.

• Liberty and legitimate government can only be sustained by a moral people who vigilantly protect local interests.

The group’s primary goal is to ensure that all elected county and city offices within Hawkins County believe in and strictly adhere to these principles.

The Aug. 26 meeting will feature informative speakers on issues of importance and an opportunity to express your concerns and opinions.

Jack Parker

Published in The Rogersville Review - Aug 17, 2021

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